Space cat comb


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Size: 170mm (length) * 65mm (width) * 50mm (height)
Material: PC, silver ion clothing, SUS304 steel
Carefully arrange the density of the needle teeth. The interval between the two comb teeth is repeatedly adjusted to determine 1.8 mm, which is easy to comb pet hair.
Long and short needle comb teeth designWhen the hair is knotted, the long comb teeth will first open the hair knots, short comb teeth, and then comb the knots smoothly.
Round head comb teeth do not hurt the skin. Pet epidermal cells are only 4 ~ 5 layers far less than human 10 ~ 15 layers of epidermal cells. Common comb teeth are easy to scratch pet skin and cause skin inflammation. Long needle comb teeth wrap round heads to prevent skin scratches.
SUS304 steel comb teeth SUS304 steel contains chromium and nickel. It is often used in tableware production, such as thermos and Zojirushi products.

Weight 220.0 lbs
Dimensions 170 × 65 × 50 cm

White, Pink, Blue


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