Cat Treadmill Wheel Cat Running Wheel Cat Wheel Trojan Horse


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The outer diameter of the trumpet is 15CM, the inner diameter is 14.4CM] [The base width is 9CM, the overall height is 17.5CM] [The outer width of the running wheel is 6CM and the inner width is 5.3CM] [Suitable for hamsters, three-wire, silver fox, dwarf, in-laws and other small mice]

[Medium outer diameter 21CM, inner diameter 19.2CM] [Base width 12CM running wheel outer width 8CM inner width 7.2CM overall height 23.5CM] [Suitable for Xishi bear, tiger bear, golden squirrel, big white mouse, juvenile little chinchilla Adult mini hedgehog, honey-pocketed mole, etc.]

[Large outer diameter 29CM inner diameter 28CM] [Base width 14CM, running wheel width 9.5CM inner width 8.6CM, overall height 32CM] [Suitable for adult chinchillas, hedgehogs, devil squirrels, ferrets, guinea pigs (guinea pigs), etc.]

Weight 350.0 lbs
Dimensions 160 × 160 × 200 cm

15cm, 21cm


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